Hit me baby one more time...

Another way to make Monday's even less desirable is knowing that Crossfit is waiting for you at the end of the day. On my way to class today I had this sudden idea that if the focus was on upper body then I wouldn't feel like dying in the middle of the work out. Ahh, ignorance is bliss - right? Well, I now am completely aware of how wrong I was. I miss this naivety, I feel like a sense of hope was ripped from my shaking (and now calloused) hands.

Mo, our instructor, had a wonderful upper body workout waiting for us. Complete with clean squats, clean presses/jerks, and a plethora of burpees. Good thing I don't typically need to lift things for work. I have a feeling that I may be feeling this tomorrow... and the next day... and very likely the next day...

Warm up #1: 10 big arm circles l/r
                      10 little arm circles l/r
                      10 good mornings
                      10 pull throughs
                      10 knee circles
Warm up #2: (2 rounds)
                      40 single unders 20 double unders
                      5 lunges (each leg)
                      10 ring push ups - I just did regular push ups
                      5 knees to elbows
WOD:          (5x for time)
                     5 clean squats - CK 20lb, SK 10lb dumbbells
                    10 clean press/clean jerk - CK 20lb, SK 10lb dumbbells
                    15 burpees
Cool Down: 400 m sprint

I don't think I've ever seen that many grown (and very strong looking) men writhing in the pain that this WOD caused. I blame the burpees. I.loathe.burpees.

We still have not taken our "before" pictures  for this experiment... we also haven't determined how long we want to wait to take the "after" pictures. We'll keep you posted.

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