In my opinion, this was the hardest workout that we have done to date. In fact there were several times that I seriously wondered if I would be able to complete it. I'm sure that it didn't help that we skipped out on Crossfit last week. . .

I'm too weak to elaborate so I will let this speak for itself:

Warm up #1: 10 big arm circles l/r
                      10 little arm circles l/r
                      10 good mornings
                      10 pull throughs
                      10 knee circles
Warm up #2: 200 m sprint
                      10 pull ups
                      15 push ups
                      20 squats
                      30 double unders (or 60 single unders)                  
WOD:          21-18-15-12-9-6
                     push press (CK 15 lbs dumbbells SK 10 lbs dumbbells)
                     knees to elbows
                     slam ball
                     after all reps were completed then we did a 400 m run

Soooo essentially what we did is go through the WOD a million times: 1st time 21 reps each, 2nd time 18 reps each, 3rd time 15 reps each, etc., etc., all the way down to 6 reps each and then ran for 400 meters.  Yeahhh, fun :) I'm just really grateful that we both finished this workout - I am somewhat disappointed because this is the first time that Chris has finished before me.

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