I didn't knew these existed, but we did a TEAM WOD

So this post is a bit late... Wednesday's WOD kind of left both Chris and I too tired to think of posting. This WOD put the pressure on us to care about our time (something Chris and I still aren't used to doing since we are perfectly content with just finishing the workout). We worked in teams of 4... for a little while I was worried that Chris and I would be the fat kids on the school playground and be chosen last, but luckily enough we weren't :)

Warm up #1: 10 big arm circles l/r
                      10 little arm circles l/r
                      10 good mornings
                      10 pull throughs
                      10 knee circles
Warm up #2: 200 m sprint
                      10 pull ups
                      15 push ups
                      20 squats
                      30 double unders (or 60 single unders)                  
WOD:          Teams of 4
                     400 m carry (m 45 lb dumbbell/ w 35 lb dumbbell)
                     wall ball
                     box jumps

So the way this worked was that 1 person on each team ran the 400 m carry and while the person was running each member of the team would be at a different station (one doing burpees, another wall ball, and another box jumps). Each person was expected to continue completing reps until the person returned from their 400 m run, then (and only then) would we rotate. The WOD was complete when each person on the team had completed all stations & the 400 m run. Running with an extra 45/35 lbs is much harder than I expected. It's next to impossible to move any faster than a clumsy waddle. The hardest part about it is that the entire time you are running you are thinking about the 3 teammates waiting for you, hoping you finish quickly because their thighs and abs are probably starting to burn from the number of reps they are doing. TALK ABOUT PRESSURE!

This is what Chris' shoes looked like by the end of this workout. These shoes have outlasted many things, but unfortunately Crossfit got the best of them... the sole completely ripped off during his 400 m run... 

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