Maui... need I say more?

So we actually haven't been to Crossfit since the last Crossfit post due to some serious traveling that we did this summer :) Rough life, I know.

Once we got back from Florida we had about a week and a half to prepare for our trip to Maui.  The whole Keller crew (minus Stephanie) went so it turned out to be a nice mini family reunion.
Grandpa & Grandma
Dad & Mom
Chris & Me
Jessica & Julianna
While we were there we celebrated Jessica's 21st birthday... or as they say in Hawaii "21th Birthday." The restaurant singer fell in love with her and demonstrated it by singing at least 5 songs "for Jessica" and ended each one with "you're beautiful" :P

Before going on this trip we had our hearts set on going cage diving with sharks while in Hawaii. Unfortunately they did not offer that on Maui and did not have any alternative excursions that seemed scary/ life threatening enough so we spent the entire vacation lounging either at the beach or pool ;)
Napili Bay
Ka'anapali Beach
 The World Cup was going on while were were there so we woke up every morning at 8:30 AM to watch the games. Honestly, what kind of soccer fans would we be if we didn't watch every single game? Furthermore, what fun is it to watch any type of sporting event without some kind of adult beverage? We justified drinking beer that early by using Jimmy Buffett's theory... it's 5 o'clock somewhere :P
We were ready to go back the moment we set foot on our return flight...
Lahaina, Maui