And we're back in the game!

After exactly 2 months of not going to Crossfit (not working out at all actually) we are officially back in full Crossfit mode. Today's temperature was about 95 degrees with a 104-109 degree heat index. Why does this matter? Crossfit takes place in an non air-conditioned warehouse. It was, as Chris would say, like baking in a tin box, or as I would say, extreme hell (literally).

Warm up #1: the usual

Warm up #2:
35 m lunges
35 m frog jumps
35 m butt kicks runs
35 high step runs

750 m row
25 man makers (C: 15 lb dumbbell S: 10 lb dumbbell
800 meter run

Cool Down:
20 seconds mountain climbers
10 seconds plank
Repeat 10 times

I know it doesn't sound too horrible, but you would be surprised how hard it is to row 750 meters and go into doing so many reps of man makers. We somehow managed to get through the WOD. It wasn't the most graceful performance but it was throw-up free which is excellent in my book :)