EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT!!! Crossfit and Fractured Toes Aren't Friends

After way too many days (actually weeks) off, we were finally able to go to Crossfit! Unfortunately nothing exciting was keeping us from going; it was just work and in my case an injury. I fractured my toe on Labor Day so I thought it would be best if I gave it a little while to rest and hopefully heal. Although I'm sure it wasn't the best decision (judging by my angry toe), I felt that I could handle the work out as long as I didn't put any body-weight pressure directly on my toe. I forgot that the Crossfit gods hate me.

Warm up #1: 10 big arm circles l/r
                      10 little arm circles l/r
                      10 good mornings
                      10 pull throughs
                      10 knee circles
Warm up #2: 200 m sprint
                      35m lunges (2 rounds)
                      35m long jumps (2 rounds)
                      35m bear crawls (2 rounds)
WOD:           500 m Row
                     (5 rounds)
                     3 hand stand push ups
                     15 kettle bell swings (CK 35lb/ SK 20lb)

We had forgotten how much kettle bells can suck the life out of you, but I somehow managed to be the second person to finish the WOD... It only took me 8min 23sec! Did I mention that I did it with a fractured toe?! I'm awesome, I know.  Chris didn't pay attention to his time (and I didn't either) but I think it was around 9 minutes-ish.

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