First time using BARBELLS babayyyy!!!

So excited about our Crossfit experience today! I know, what kind of crazy juice am I drinking? (Actually, we are doing a liver cleanse, but I don't think it affects my judgment...hmm) Why am I excited? Chris and I were actually brave enough to use barbells for one of the elements of our WOD! Crossfit breakthrough holllaaaa :) 

Warm up #1: 10 big arm circles l/r
                      10 little arm circles l/r
                      10 good mornings
                      10 pull throughs
                      10 knee circles
Warm up #2: 400m run
                      35m lunges (2 rounds)
                      35m long jumps (2 rounds)
                      35m bear crawls (2 rounds)
                      35m high step run (2 rounds)
Warm up #3: 10 pull through lunges (2 rounds)
                      10 sec hold mountain lunges (2 rounds)
                       5 extra slow push ups (2 rounds)
WOD:           50 vertical jumps
                     40 goblet squats (CK 35lb/SK 15lb kettlebell)
                     30 butterfly sit ups
                     20 kettle bell swings (CK 35lb/ SK 15lb)
                     10 pull ups
Then when we were done with all of that wonderfulness (sarcasm intended)...   3 minutes of as many reps as possible (hereafter referred to as AMRAP) clean and jerks (CK 55lb/ SK 37lb)                                               
It was nice to finally fit in with all of the "cool kids" that always use barbells :)

The weather was awesome so it didn't feel like a sauna in the warehouse and overall I think we both felt okay after the work out. As Borat would say "Success!"