Utilities (plumbing & electrical)

Plumbers and electricians taught me that there is still so much that can be taken out of a kitchen even after it has been completely demolished :) Lucky for us the project seems to be proceeding nicely and after this week we have a lot of the plumbing and electrical things that we will need to make our new kitchen actually work.

Here is what the back wall looks like now. No insulation and many new pipes and wires.

Here are all of (or many of) the electrical wires that will be powering our new kitchen.


It's exciting to see everything starting to take shape. I have decided that I kind of appreciate the rough labeling of the switches and appliances so I can begin visualizing where everything is going to be. 

This is probably not exciting to anyone but me, but here is all the electrical and plumbing stuff for our new utility closet. It will be so nice to have the washer and dryer hidden away in a lovely little closet :) 

Sheetrock and cabinets are hopefully happening this upcoming week, so we will make sure to post!

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