The story of usually and hopefully :)

Keywords of remodel: usually and hopefully

We have heard these words a lot since starting our remodel. Sometimes they have worked against us, but for the most part (at least in our case) they have worked in our favor.

A couple weeks ago we had a bottleneck week where not a whole lot was able to be done :( The mill workers (aka cabinet makers) were completely booked up and would hopefully be able to come to the house and measure and get the basic stuff done towards the end of the week so that the tile guys could come out. Unfortunately, they weren't able to make it out to our little casita until last Wednesday. According to our awesome friends/contractors (Heidi and Kevin Walton) it usually takes a couple days to build and get the cabinets in, but lucky for us the mill workers were able to get our cabinet boxes and a ton of the cabinetry done all in one day!

It's really exciting to see the kitchen take shape and see how the new space will actually look.

It's also been fun to watch Bronx's reaction to all of the kitchen commotion. He has recently gotten over his fear of the plastic sheet that separates the kitchen from the rest of the house... thank goodness! It was getting to be quite the challenge getting him to go outside through the back door; usually involving some element of corralling and a Chris & Sarina double team on Bronx. The most recent development is that he thinks that our future utility/laundry closet is his future bedroom. Judging by the pictures, he also approves of the progress we have made so far on the remodel.

We were hopeful that the tile guys would be able to come by shortly after the cabinets were in to start on the floors. Lucky for us, we got a call early Saturday morning letting us know that they would be able to come by and start laying the mud base that would go under the tile. THEN on Monday they came out to lay the actual tile and it looks awesome!

Hopefully the cabinet guys will be able to come on Friday to put the doors, drawer faces, and final trim on the cabinets. Then we can get the counter-tops, finish the tile, and back-splash done so that we can get going with paint.