Pain- ting week

This past week we discovered that the syllable break down of the word "painting" is wrong. It should actually be: Prefix: pain  Suffix: ting


This was a designated painting week. We began (Sunday night) by moving all of the furniture away from the walls so all of our worldly possessions (that are in the living room at least) were all in the center of the living area. We had carefully mapped out paths that let us get to the trash can, and front door. Heidi had warned me that I wouldn't feel like any progress was being made until they were actually done with all of the work. Being the observant person that I am, I didn't think this standard would apply to me. She, being an expert in this department, was right.

3 days of prep work, 2 nights of inhaling cabinet primer & enamel fumes, 1 day of painting, and they were done.

With all of our furniture covered in plastic and refrigerator nearly impossible to access, we spent every evening away from the house; coming home only to let Bronx out and sleep. I would say that this was the week that Chris and I both started getting antsy for this project to be done. Saturday we came home to find the painting was done and, in the end, definitely worth the pain :)

Close up of our tile:
 Close up of our back-splash:
This upcoming week they will do the last bit of work on plumbing and electrical, grout the back-splash, install our appliances, and put the hardware on the cabinets and we should be good to go. Our little casita feels brand new and we are SO GLAD to have our pretty, new kitchen!