2 Years Later: the re-launch

Hard to believe it's been over 2 years since my last post. Needless to say, life has been busy. 

It's funny to read my old posts, it almost seems like a different person wrote them. To be honest a different person did write them: pre-mom Sarina. Sometimes I miss her because y'all...being a mom is hard.

I look back and see what I used to worry about 2 years [and a lifetime] ago... Now I understand why I got so many eye-rolls from my mom friends. Paint colors, cabinet pulls, the size of the subway tiles of my backsplash, to keep cross-fitting or not. Doesn't seem like much compared to the decisions they were making every single second of every day: work? stay at home? nanny? daycare? sleep train? co-sleep? store bought? home made? I didn't realize the constant mom-guilt inner dialogue they were dealing with because being a mom is hard. (Note: the "DINK" phase of life is great - and if that is where you're at live it up, friend. That era is fleeting so milk every last-minute weekend trip, midnight movie, and kid-free exercise class for all they're worth. No judgement or eye-rolling here.) 

I've always considered myself a good decision maker (unless I'm hangry- something about the stomach rumbling that completely de-activates my ability to tell you what I want to eat) and nothing has given me cause to second guess myself like the decisions I have to make daily for the little life I am in charge of...because being a mom is hard. I've always considered myself fairly timely (unless you're comparing me to Chris who is truly truly the definition of timely) but nothing has made me us more late than a 30in tall little girl...because being a mom is hard. I've always considered myself someone who doesn't stress out easily, but nothing has brought on the anxiety like motherhood...because being a mom is hard. 

There is no denying that being a mom has changed me and while a part of me feels like the girl that used to write this blog is a bit of a stranger, I don't want to trade places with her. You see, she didn't have a 21 pound spitfire to chase after or snuggle with. Nothing has taught me more about what it means to be selfless or the capacity of truly big, immediate, unconditional love that I was capable of. And more than anything, I feel like I never really truly understood the magnitude of God's Love for me until I became a mom. Being a mom is hard, but it's the best thing I've ever done. 

I hope you enjoy reading as I begin to document this new(ish) journey... Little S has been around for 16 months now. Yes, it has taken this long to have energy enough to blog. Like I said...being a mom is hard :) 


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