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Not sure why I have such an attachment to clothes I never wear, but somehow I managed to get rid of everything that I don't love.

It was hard.

I mean, why wouldn't I want to keep my 8th grade banquet dress that doesn't fit any more? It's crazy to think that there is a part of my brain that thinks: "I might drop back down to 95 lbs at the same time that it comes back in style." Mama has clothes-hoarder issues.

In any case. It's done. The clothes are gone. Never to be seen again. 

(Unless I go stalk my local goodwill and wait for them to be put on the racks and re-buy them all. You think I'm kidding, buuuuuut I wouldn't put it past me.)

Well, wouldn't put it past the old me. The new me is all about applying my minimalist philosophy to my closet. *Insert determined face emoticon here*

Bringing me to my next point: I've been working on my summer wardrobe capsule!

Choosing clothes for my capsule has been really fun interesting eye-opening. My goal was to use as many of the summer-y clothes that I kept and see if there was anything there for a capsule. Luckily for me (and my bank account) there was! It was funny to see the kind of clothes that I was really into and what they all looked like side by side. For example, apparently, I'm really into florals. I mean like, reeeeeallly into florals. Who knew? I've always thought of myself as a gray-black-white-navy kind of gal, but turns out everything I have bought recently and am excited about wearing has a floral print (See? Told you it was eye-opening). Good floral print is a "thing" right now :)  

Capsule Confession:
I edited some of the rules. The number "37" just seemed scary to me...I just imagined having to do laundry every 3 days since Houston summers = lots of park dates with Little S. My solution was to think of the different categories of clothes that I like wear and then apply the "Rule of 3" to each category.

I don't have a final number yet because I'm still waiting on some online purchases to come in. When  they do, I will return/exchange as needed and make the final capsule tweaks. Once everything is set I hope to post pics of the things you're likely to see me wearing for the next 3 months :)

In the meantime I will leave you with a photo of how many hangers I was able to get rid of within 5 minutes of closet clean-out (yes, that is a shoe rack as well). This is only about 1/4 of what the final pile of hangers looked like and I think there were at least 2 other shoe racks by the time it was all said and done.

So, who wants to capsule with me?


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