The one where I talk about getting rid of all my clothes...

A few weeks ago a friend of mine posted a link to the website

(for me)

For the most part, Chris and I like to live a bit on the minimal side. We aren't big on "stuff". 
Not sure why or how we both ended up this way, but it's a very happy coincidence. 

[Well, happy for the grown-ups in the house because poor Little S is forced to be content with 1 medium(ish) basket of toys. Oh well, she's still too little to know she's being deprived :P ]

Unfortunately this "minimalist" mindset doesn't carry over to my closet. I am a hoarder of the clothes. Pretty sure there is stuff hanging in my closet that I bought in high school (that was over a decade ago). I wish I was kidding.

Enter and the rocking of my closet-world. 

The idea is to create seasonal clothing capsules with clothes that you actually wear as opposed to a closet full of "meh" clothes. 

Here is the cliff's notes version:
Since you are only wearing the clothes from that season's capsule, your choices are very intentional (i.e. clothes you love). Ideally, you change it up each season and use a combination of season appropriate clothes you already had (and stored away) and carefully thought out additional pieces that complement the look and style you want to achieve that season. Besides, actually wearing the clothes you are buying, another plus side to the concept  is you take intentional shopping breaks, giving you the flexibility to spend more on individual items you want to purchase for the next season's capsule. 
(If this doesn't make any sense Caroline does a way better job of explaining it than me in this post)

Sounds easy enough to you normal people, but it is a complete mindset shift for this clothes-hoarder. I've been frustrated with my closet situation for a while and think I came across this at the right time.

So I think I'm committing to this. At least for the summer. I'll be using the rules on as a guide and I'll likely be posting about my progress (to keep me accountable). 

I will have to take this in baby steps because, you know, separation anxiety. However, this weekend I will be cleaning out my closet and only keeping the things that I love. I don't know how I'm going to say goodbye to all my old friends (insert tear-face emoticon here), but something tells me I'll survive.


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