capsule + packing = love

So what does it look like when 3 people pack for a 17 day trip in 1 carry-on and 1 large suitcase?

Initially, I thought I would need one of those vacuum sealer thingies to make everything small enough to fit. But, as luck would have it, wardrobe capsule to the rescue!

I mean, not gonna lie, there is a huge part of me that is terrified that I'll end up wearing the same thing in every picture that we take while we're there and it will be forever be the trip where I wore the same outfit all the time. Oh man, now my heart is beating fast. Breathing exercises starting now.

Here is what's going in my suitcase:

Feel free to jump over here to see what I'm packing for the whole family!

Oh! And proof I've been wearing my capsule clothes and what it looks like on the daily. Sorry for the poor quality pics, I'll figure out a better way to get an #ootd selfie eventually...

I know, 9 outfits and we're 16 days into June. I blame all this rain and me sitting at home in pajamas workout clothes all day :)


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