The one where I talk about feeling sorry for myself

It's not just me, right?  You know, the whole "my life is so hard because I'm wrangling a toddler" whiney, feel sorry for yourself internal dialogue?

Funny enough, it seems like riiight as I'm in the middle of a moment of complete self-pity I see another mama rocking a situation that it undeniably harder than mine.

Way to bring a lady back to reality.

Not even kidding. As we were checking our bags for our flight to Europe at 5:30AM I was sitting there feeling all kinds of sorry for myself and our impending flight with a lap baby, then up strolls this mom with FOUR kids under the age of 5. Oh, and she was traveling alone. With FOUR kids under the age of 5. Every tiny human had their own cute little pottery barn backpack and were following their Mama like little ducklings as she pushed a luggage cart stacked with coordinating suitcases. Every once in a while she would turn around and ask "Are we all here?" and what was amazing is that all of the kids were. I mean, no one running off, no one screaming, and it was 5:30AM and she was traveling by herself with FOUR kids under the age of 5. I mean, #girlpower, for.real.

Pshhhh, that really made me re-think complaining about my ONE child that had two parents along on the trip to tag team.

This internal "woe-is-me" dialogue reared it's ugly head again on the flight home. There must be something about flights I guess makes me an extra whiney mama ;)

Seriously though, we were getting to that point in the flight where Little S was getting kinda "over" being on a plane and I looked over and saw a group of kids in the 5-7 year-old range. Each one in their own seat, with their own tablet, playing happily and quietly while their mom watched a movie. It was beautiful. About 2 seconds after I told C that I couldn't wait to travel with older kids because they were "so much easier" didn't have any issues entertaining themselves one of those older kids started puking. Like, serious vomiting that he couldn't stop. The poor kid didn't know what to do and he just kept saying "MOM!" in between gags. Poor lady had to clean up her kid as best as she could while apologizing to everyone sitting around them for the smell and mess. I mean, this was an older kid so it's not like she was traveling with a change of clothing for him...
(Note to self: Always travel with changes of clothing for the family)

Needless to stay, I stopped being jealous almost immediately.

Moral of the story, I guess, is that the grass isn't always greener. Every age has it's easy moments and it's hard ones so there's not much point in feeling sorry for myself. Someone will usually prove that they are having a bit of a tougher time.

On a completely unrelated note. Here is my capsule wardrobe evidence ;) I wasn't able to take #ootd selfies while on vacation, but have been trying to take pictures since. Again, I still haven't figured out a better way to do this. Definitely a goal for my fall capsule (which I have started thinking A LOT about lately).


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