The one where I talk about my picky eater

I have a picky eater. And I'm going to assume I'm not alone when I say

Like, for real.

Talk about some major mom guilt brought on by the ongoing internal argument of "They'll Eat When They're Hungry" vs. "A Diet of Applesauce and Goldfish is Fine, Right?"

I'm almost over hoping that Little S will add something green to her very short list of approved foods. At this point I'd be content with something with any form of nutritional value. I've read the books + articles. Spoken to the doctors + moms with more experience. Most of the advice boils down to the same thing- just keep introducing and eventually they'll come around.

Still introducing and still waiting.

I recently read an article that said that picky eaters often are more likely to eat food that they've helped prepare. While I am no baker, the mama in me became one real quick after I read that. A quick  pinterest search later I found an easy + healthy cookie recipe that I happened to have all of the ingredients for.  No grocery store trip required = win.

I know, I know. Cookies? They have oats and bananas (two things she will not eat) so I had to give it a try. Baby steps is my game plan here.

Note: I didn't have almond milk so I subbed in some regular milk instead. Still worked :)

Helping Mommy...

Not looking too sure...

Taste testing...

 And back for seconds :)

Definitely going to try this strategy with some vegetable recipes!

On a separate note- here is my capsule outfit update. I've been following through, but haven't been good about taking pictures while on vacation so this isn't comprehensive.

Hope y'all are enjoying the last bit of summer!


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