The one where I talk about the magic of a side braid

I've been a fan of braids forever (said in that slow sandlot voice).

Probably one of the hardest parts of grownupping has been giving up my cherished pigtail braids...enter the side braid.

This is totally my momma hair style of the moment.
(Actually it's been my momma hairstyle of the summer, but eh, details, details.)

My sweet sister in law taught me how to twist braid from the top and it's been my magical, quick, still look sort of put together, go-to look. Here's a handy tutorial if you want to try it out! One thing I will mention about this tutorial is that she stops braiding once she hits the nape of the neck, once I get to that point I just continue one with a normal braid (not the twist method).

I pair this hairstyle with my park fall fashion look of the moment and am

See how totally together I'm pretending I am? I just hope nobody can tell that it only took me 5 minutes to do my hair ;)

It's still pretty warm here in Houston, but once it cools down I plan on wearing this with my leather jacket to look all "hip-mom" like.

Fall 2015 || Capsule 02 || Outfit 01

Top: The Home T

Pants: A&F 

Shoes: Old Navy

Jacket: old from Gap (similar)


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