The one with summer wrap up part 1 || most worn pieces

I've decided to do a few posts recapping my summer capsule. You know... lessons learned, favorite things, any items I'm carrying over into the fall, etc.

So, let's start with my most worn pieces.

I really felt like I was always wearing some variation of outfit that included these. I knew the boyfriend jeans and shorts would be a go-to because #momlife and everything that comes with that. I was surprised at how frequently I would be wearing the romper though. It was SO COMFY and SO EASY to dress up/down depending on the occasion. 

Lessons learned?

I wear a lot more tanks than I realized throughout the summer. 

I need to remember this next summer when I'm putting my capsule together. Not exactly sure why would I have ever thought that button-ups would be a good idea for summer in Houston. Someone was doing a whole lot of wishful thinking when putting that capsule together, amiright? 

I'm a lot more likely to wear neutrals than anything very colorful.

I've always tried to be a "wear bright colors" kind of person, unfortunately I never really feel like myself while wearing them. I incorporated a few things into my capsule hoping this would change that feeling up for me, but as it turns out no amount of wardrobe capsuling is going to get me out of my grays, blacks, whites, and navies. Sorry bright + colorful world. 

Some of the clothes I kept were things I liked a lot, but didn't really love them.

This wasn't something I realized until about halfway through the summer when some of my clothes were still unworn. Maybe I felt compelled to keep them because I knew they were good clothes? Maybe I kept them because I liked the idea of them? Not sure, but in any case this is obviously going to be a process and I will have to be a lot more conscious about it on the next go around.

I love a good white shirt.

I had several white and off-white shirts in this summer's capsule and was wearing them all the time. I feel like they are hands-down some of the most versatile clothing options and easily transition from day-to-night. 

I should have incorporated more graphic tees.

No real reason other than that I found myself having that thought fairly often throughout the summer. 


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