The one with summer wrap up part 2 || least worn pieces

Imagine my surprise when there were items in my capsule that I literally never wore.  As it turns out there was a definitely a reason explaining why. Who knew this process would teach me so much about my choices? Kind of interesting.

Here are some of this season's mistakes:

WEDGES | I was so excited about the sandal/bootie nature of this shoe. In real life they weren't very comfortable and comfort is the name of the game in mamaland.

PALAZZO PANTS | So bright. So statement. So cute. So not me. I mean, they didn't scream versatile clothing capsule option in the first place. I just really wanted them because I'd purchased a matching romper for Little S and was on a mission to have a cute "mommy & me" outfit option. Turns out this mommy needs something a bit more subtle. 

TANK DRESS | I love this dress, but never really had an occasion to wear it. I'll probably set it aside and begin working on a dress capsule for occasions where I'll actually need dresses. I don't wear them often enough anymore to make them a part of my regular capsule.

STRIPED BLOUSE | As much as I like the idea of this shirt, I'm just not comfortable in it. Kinda weird, but yeah. 

GRAY BUTTON UP | This shirt just wasn't season appropriate. It was about a billion degrees here this summer so needless to say I couldn't wear it without sweating through it. Probably better suited for a Spring capsule.

PINK BUTTON UP | See above.

STRIPED SKIRT | This skirt was made from a much heavier cotton than I realized (things you don't realize when you are trying things on in a very air conditioned environment), the thing that made it especially summer un-friendly was it's So needless to say, gonna have to put that one aside until a cooler season rolls along.

HIGH WAISTED FLORAL SKIRT | This skirt just wasn't good for regular life. Seriously starting to consider that dress/not-so-regular-life capsule.

BLACK T-STRAP SANDALS | I've had these sandals for a loooong time and rarely wear them. This summer reminded me why: they are ridiculously uncomfortable and I feel like it makes my feet look extra long + skinny so I don't like wearing them. 

Here's to hoping I've learned enough from these mistakes to 1.) not repeat them and 2.) apply the lessons in my next capsule.


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