The one where I talk about how I thought I had her all figured out

Just when you think you have figured out the tiny human's schedule, they go and change it on you.

Hilarious, right?

It's like they know.

"Oh? You think I nap from 11:30 - 2 so you've made plans based around that? Sorry mom, today feels more like a scream in my crib for 45 minutes and then sleep until 4:15pm kind of day."

What the what?

Can't a mama catch a break?


I say that sort of kidding, but really...we all know that the answer is no. I guess it's sort of what we signed up for, right?

So what to do?

For a schedule-freak like myself this is something I've really struggled with.

I've learned to preface playdates with statements like "IF she does what she usually does...." or "HOPEFULLY she'll sleep at/in/while..."

(Doing that gives me an out if I need one or an explanation if I have a grumpy pie on my hands)

The main thing I've learned is to just roll with it.

What else can you do?

Supposedly, one day I will look back on all of this and miss it.

(I'm still not so sure how true that is. The little miss wanted to party from 12:00am-3:15am a few nights ago so not feeling like I'll look back on that memory with any type of fondness. We'll see.)

For now, I'll just keep pretending I know her schedule and make plans knowing they will likely have to be adjusted.

And I'll also be forever thankful for the amazing + understanding friends who don't judge me or see me as flakey for my last minute plan changing :)


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