The one where I talk about the meltdown

We've all been there right?

Everything is fine with the little isn't.

And there's the screaming. And the looking. And the people. And the "helpful" people.
(And you wanting to throw your Starbucks at them because seriously dude, nobody is judging me harder than I am judging me right now. )

And then there's the whole "what do I do about this" internal dialogue.

Mine goes something like this:

"Where are the gummies?
Should I give her the gummies?
What message does that send?
Do I let her cry and throw herself on the floor?
Eww. The floor.
Yuck. So many diseases.
Giving her the gummies is for her health.
I mean, she could get some kind of rare disease from this floor if I let this tantrum play out.
The gummies aren't sending a message because I am giving the gummies to prevent DISEASES
Yes. This is why I should give her the gummies.
Ugh, but she doesn't understand the part about diseases. She only will see crying = gummies.
I'll start singing. THAT will distract her.
Nope. Guess that's not gonna work.
Soooo about those gummies...."

The hardest part about these public meltdowns is that I worry about what everyone around me will think about my momma-skills.

After the initial "what will people think of me?" thought subsides and as I deal with more and more of these public meltdowns (because #atti2de). I realize it shouldn't matter.

I mean... (in my best daytime TV voice) they don't know my life.

They don't know that she's teething, or that it's way past her nap time, or that she is figuring out how to deal with ALL the feelings.

There are days that I'm totally cool with the yelling and the drama that the tiny human has. Those days I'm all "Bring it on kiddo,  I'll take your screaming and raise you one."

But then there are days that I'll hand over the gummies because mommy needs another cup of coffee and those magical sweet treats are going to help get us to the car to make that happen.

In the end I guess learning the balance is all part of this journey...but it would be nice if there wasn't as much drama of the throwing-herself-on-the-floor-variety...amiright?


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