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In a couple weeks Little S and I will be meeting C in Montreal for a fun long weekend trip to visit some of our favorite friends. 

This will not only be my first flight ever alone with the little, but also my first international flight alone with her. Go big or go home, right?! 

Lugging around all the tiny human things is hard enough when there are 4 hands to share the load...not exactly sure how I'm going to negotiate #allofthethings but I've been working on my plan. 

A while back I wrote a post on my other blog (I keep those posts exclusively travel related) with some of my favorite travel items. I won't be taking all of these things because not enough hands, but I was glad I had this list (and reasons why I like them so much) easily accessible to choose from :) 

(This is not a sponsored post, this is just my honest opinion)
UPPAbaby G-Luxe Umbrella Stroller
To me, this is “it” in the umbrella stroller department. We initially bought it because it is super lightweight, easy to fold/unfold with one hand, and reclines further down than several of the other strollers we looked at. After owning it for a while, some of it’s other features (kick-stand, SPF50 sunshade, and adjustable footrest) have also proven to be invaluable. This is our go-to travel stroller and it has done its fair share of mountain climbing + Roman ruin trekking and still looks
UPPAbaby G-Luxe Travel Bag for G-Series
We were initially “iffy” about buying a travel bag for our UPPAbaby G-Luxe, however are now glad we did. This bag makes it super easy to load + unload the stroller into the car and is just as easy to take on + off. The thing that really sold us on it is that if you purchase the G-Series travel bag with Travel Safe UPPAbaby will cover any damage caused by the airline. (As with most products, there are a few stipulations so you might want to read the fine print to find out all of the details that the warranty program entails).
Ergobaby Carrier
We’ve been traveling with one of these since Little S was 2 months old. Now she’s almost 2 years old and we still use it. (My kid isn’t super shrimpy either- she holds steady at an average weight + height percentile) It is easy to get on/off without any help (maybe a little flexibility required) machine washable and can be worn several different ways depending on the size of your little.
Summer Infant By Your Side Sleeper
This was so great back when I had a teeny weeny human. It folds up and is pretty compact so it easily fits in a suitcase. Unfortunately, babies tend to outgrow it after about 3-4 months it (well, at least that’s when mine outgrew hers). I never really found a good alternative once that happened. Little S is not a fan of the pack-n-play and is especially opinionated about hotel cribs. As a result she usually ends up sleeping between C and me. However, I recently came across a group of mamas that all raved about the Baby Bjorn Travel Crib. Apparently it folds up small enough to fit inside of a suitcase, boasts a thicker mattress AND is large enough for a 3 year old. I’m definitely planning on trying it once its time for baby #2.
Because sleeping like this when we’re traveling is kind of getting old:
Anyone flown solo with their toddler? I'd love to hear how you lugged everything around and didn't lose your sanity :) 

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