The one where I talk about flying solo with a toddler

Little S and I flew from H-town to Montreal to visit some friends last weekend.
C was traveling for work so we just planned on meeting there.
The whole plan sounded much easier in theory than in practice.

Once I realized how few hands I had and how many I actually needed for all of the things, I made sure that I packed clothes + diapers + shoes for the little and myself for C to take along with him. The cooler weather still hasn't truly hit Houston the same way it has Canada, so I figured we wouldn't miss anything I had sent in that suitcase.

This wasn't her first flight so I totally felt like I "had it together" going into the situation.

I mean, doesn't that lady in the picture look totally together?

(I really should have done a before and after picture. Not kidding when I say I looked like a totally.different.person at the end of the day.)

Since I apparently forgot that this kid changes on the daily and had planned the timing of flights based on the lessons I had learned while traveling with her earlier this year I was completely thrown for a loop when I realized that those plans were completely inapplicable this time around.

Fun life lesson when traveling alone with a toddler that has all of the feelings all of the time.

Although there were a few moments (like when I thought I had lost our passports and my phone or when she screamed for the last hour of our flight home) that made me wonder if I would ever fly alone with her again, overall she did really well and the trip was about as smooth as it was ever going to be.

Here are some DO's and DON'Ts that I learned a long the way :)



Flying solo with a little one is no easy task and it isn't always pretty. However, you definitely will feel super empowered once you get through it! 


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