The one where I talk about our weekend in Nashville

Flying solo to Nashville was much much easier than my flight to Montreal.

Most likely because there wasn't a layover, the timing was better, and it was only about a 90 minute flight.

Everything I knew about Nashville prior to this trip was learned from the TV show. And yes, we totally stalked some of the filming locations during the tiny human's car naps (more on that in another post), but here were some of my favorite things.

The Hermitage
This was Andrew Jackson's home and the teacher in me loves all of these historical sites and the random info you get from the tour guides.

Folliage y'all. This Houstonian is all.about.the.leaf.change.

Squint central, I know... but we'd left the sunnies in the car because it was raining when we arrived. I should've known the sun would pop out right when we wanted to take a pic.
This is where Andrew Jackson (and his family) is buried. Creepy, but cool.

Ryman Auditorium
This was the original home of the Grand 'Ol Opry (the Opry is actually there temporarily right now). Totally worth doing the tour here.

This is the happiest C looked in any of these selfie-style pics. I have a whole post dedicated to his non-smile coming up, don't you worry.

Peg Leg Porker
Because food is important. This place won all of the mama votes when my picky eater devoured anything we put on her plate.

The Pharmacy
Good food + great atmosphere + kid friendly= lunchtime perfection. Little S even got a lesson in stick figures from Daddy.

Centennial Park/Parthenon
We had a super fun morning walking around Centennial Park, looking at the ducks, and of course swinging (because that is the toddler's jam right now). Oh yeah, we also toured the Parthenon...well the American replica of it at least.

All of the traveling and all this kid wanted was a good park and all of the swinging.

We visited the weekend after the CMA's so there were still red carpets and party tents up everywhere. So, why not roll that stroller down the red carpet?

Broadway Street
Not a whole lot of nightlife sites on this trip because, you know, tiny human and all...but we did walk down Broadway at night. There is music blaring from every single doorway you pass by. We did manage to visit the rooftop at Acme Feed & Seed (not actually a feed store) to get a good view of the Nashvegas strip from there.

It was a great trip and we had so, so, so much fun visiting!


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