The one where I talk about what's in the travel backpack

Keeping a kiddo entertained.

To me, that is single-handedly the most difficult part about traveling with a toddler.

Well, at least MY toddler.

Although I am totally okay with iPadding it up on the plane, I usually try to save that as a last resort.


Truth be told,  I'm just worried I'll stick it in the pocket of the seat in front of me when she gets bored of it and then I'll forget it on the plane.

Not a huge revelation, but there are enough things to manage so I just prefer playing with things on the plane that won't be missed if they get forgotten.

So here is what was in our backpack this time around:

Stephen Joseph Backpack: So cute and functional. Only downside is that it doesn't have a handy side pocket for her water bottle.

Tegu Blocks: These are amazing! They are magnetic so it limits the risk of a runaway block on the plane and it comes with a felt bag to keep it all contained + organized when not in use.

Fisher Price Let's Go to the Zoo/ Vamos al Zoologico Lift the Flap Book: We're practicing our bilingual skills and Little S is a huge fan of animals so this book is a win-win for mama and the tiny human.

Learn to Tie Laces Activity Board: My mom found this at the dollar store and even though we are nowhere near lace tying, homegirl loves stringing things through...this just helps us (i.e. me) avoid dealing with a bag of beads while we travel :)

Little Ones Think Sticker Skill Book: My mother-in-law found a few of these at her local JoAnn Fabric and they are amazing. Best part? When the stickers are all gone she colors scribbles on the pages and then we get to throw it away. Lighter load for the tots backpack? Always a good thing.

Plain Notebook and Stickers: I don't travel without stickers. Lots and lots of stickers. My girl loves them and I let her practice all of the sticking + peeling + more sticking + more peeling that she wants. I like to put packing tape on several of the pages in the notebook to help the stickers keep their "stick" since there is a lot of sticking and peeling that happens.

Any easy go-to travel favorites y'all have? I'd love to know!


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