Introducing: Summer 2015 Capsule

Capsule is done and I don't think I'll ever look back. 

Like I said in this previous post, the number 37 (including shoes) scared me a bit so I decided to list the categories of clothes I plan to wear over the summer and apply the "rule of 3" mentioned on (you can find it here)

My Process:
I used as many of the clothes that I had as possible and then filled in the 'gaps' as needed.  I wanted to make sure I had a basic, a statement, and an in-between look for each category.  

In the interest of full disclosure, some categories have more than 3 items. Why so, you ask? Weellll, those things were purchased for summer before my capsule wardrobe epiphany and I can't waste perfectly good, new, clothing options now can I?

I also have a casual and not-so-casual category for the same type of clothing. This is because summer is stinkin' HOT in htx and as a mom of an 18 month old, I know that there will be many a hot summer day spent at the park. So what that means is that I've given myself an excuse to have as many tank top options as possible while still keeping with this whole capsule concept ;)

In a way, this particular capsule is my gateway into full-blown wardrobe capsule land once Fall rolls around. That's why I've been pretty easy on myself on the whole "number of clothes" thing. I mean, baby steps, right? Also- after reading through that whole un-fancy blog (because hello, new obsession) I came to the conclusion that it's not about a specific number, it's about a quantity that feels "right" so for me, right now, the number 55 seems much more summer-mom friendly :)

So here goes:

*Indicates a new item purchased for this capsule
tees: white tee (similar)/black tee (similar)/gray military inspired (similar)/navy stripe (similar)/floral
button up: chambray (similar)/gray (similar)/pink (similar)
casual tanks: navy (similar)/off-white (similar)/striped (similar)/navy striped pocket tank/gray striped/home t
not-so-casual tanks: geo pattern/sleeveless button up (similar)/floral (similar)/crochet tank
crop tees: bright crop tee (similar)/ crochet crop tee/smocked crop (similar)/floral crop (similar)
casual: distressed (similar)/light denim (similar)/white
dressy: black (similar)/ crochet (similar)/ pompom 
boyfriend/ dark indigo/ jogger/ palazzo
 maxi (similar)/pencil/tribal print midi (similar)/high-waisted floral (similar)
 tube dress (similar)/ knit dress (similar)/ tank dress (similar)/ floral romper
denim/military inspired vest
beige (similar)/navy (similar)/whale (similar)

sandals: cognac/saltwater sandals/black/ gladiator
flats: slip-on (similar)/tan (similar)/converse
heels: booties/wedges (similar)/black gladiator

In true shoe-addict fashion, I bought more shoes for this capsule than anything else. Those of you that have been in my closet know that I have no shortage of shoes so it was more than a little surprising that this is where I felt I had such big gaps.

So now it's June 1st and this is what I'll be wearing onthedaily for the next 3 months...hopefully it will be a beautiful lesson in minimalism + focusing on the things that matter + strategic spending and not some short-lived experiment.

I'll keep you posted, and do my best to post pics proving that I didn't wear the same thing everyday :)


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