The one where I admit that toys drive me crazy

Confession: kid toys drive me crazy.

Why are they all so stinkin' LOUD?

And why do people (I'm looking at you family) feel the need to give you the loudest, most annoying one?

Yes. Please. I would love the helicopter that rolls around the room with a siren and a machine gun sounding simultaneously (and no option to lower the volume). How did you know? So thoughtful of you.


I've never been an uberfan of kid toys and before kids could avoid them. Unfortunately, now that I have a little it's nearly impossible to keep them out of the house. Even if I wanted to skip the whole "toy thing" the mom-guilt gets the best of me and all I can think is "oh she needs this toy developmentally blah blah blah." Ugh, the mom guilt. It is so a thing that I never believed was a thing until I experienced it. Anyhoo I digress, more on that some other time, back to the mess creators...I mean, toys.

I've talked before about how C and I don't typically keep a lot of stuff around so this was a hard issue to deal with initially. In fact, C is so much of a perfectionist (read: would like our home to look like we don't actually live there) that his grandma was very concerned about how he would cope with having a kid since they are inherently messy.

Fortunately we came up with a solution that works for everyone - including the toddler.

One of our challenges is that our house doesn't really have an area for a playroom; so toys would either have to live in the living room and/or in Little S' bedroom. This was totally fine, we just needed to figure out a system for keeping things looking organized when they weren't in use.

We decided to limit the number of toys that would stay in the living room to one basket. We found one we liked at HomeGoods that went with our overall decor/style and figured it would do the trick. Initially, we just dumped everything in there but it made it hard for our tiny human to find things so I decided to make drawstring bags for each set of toys.  We have a few toys too large to fit in the basket that live next to it, but we've decided to limit it to these.

The rest of the toys + books + such are kept in the nursery closet. I did some serious pinteresting while I was pregnant and landed on this pin as my closet organization inspiration. This method allows us to store so many things in a really functional way. Note the drawstring bags in the bottom right corner.

The drawstring bags are definitely a toy organization staple in this house and they are super easy to make. Seriously, I made one while C boiled some pasta for dinner the other night and finished before he did. Here is my super quick drawstring bag tutorial. 

Keep in mind, this is nothing fancy, there are loads of pins on how to make drawstring bags that have "windows" so kids can see what's inside. That just seemed a bit too involved for me to be able to be consistent with it. 

Any toys that don't fit in either of these areas are stored in our front closet and rotated in after a few weeks. I regularly go through the bins + bags to see which toys she is still playing with and/or developmentally appropriate- so the toys in there are things she is actually interested in playing with.   It's a little bit more work, but worth it to us in the end.

I know, I know. Maybe a little obsessive and over-the-top...hopefully the kid doesn't end up needed therapy for toy deprivation. 

What do you do to keep the toy craziness organized? 


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