The one where I give another sneak peek into my fall capsule

I'm ready for fall.

It's still pretty steamy in Htown and this pumpkin spice latte is only making me feel that much warmer.

I know, I should be enjoying the heat. In a few months I'll be whining about how cold it is and how ready I am for summer. Just wait. Seriously, I have a self proclaimed case of Goldilocks syndrome.

I'm just reeeeally excited to start wearing some of these outfits. My goal is to get comfortable with layering pieces throughout this fall + winter. Not something I've really done much of other than the usual scarf + shirt thing. We'll see how it goes.

I mentioned in my first fall sneak peek that I would be slowly transitioning summer pieces out and fall pieces in as the weather permits so I'll try to update which and why once I begin that process.

Denim jacket: I've had this for a couple years and plan on using it as a "replacement" for my denim vest throughout the cooler months.

Scarf: Let's just say that I'm a bit obssessed with the blanket scarf trend that is all over pinterest right now.

Slip-Ons: I wore my beige ones this summer all.the.time so I snatched these bad boys up for cheap during Old Navy's Labor Day sale #win

Home T: Because I LOVED my tank this summer and can't imagine my closet without one of these guys in it

Boyfriend jeans: Umm...loose + comfy + fall treats + cozy...need I say more?

Striped Dress: I bought this last spring and it was almost too hot to wear it so it's been hanging in my closet dying to be worn all summer

Leather jacket: I've had this jacket for YEARS and wear it ontheregular once temperatures start dropping- can't imagine this fall will be any different. No motorcycle required :P

Anyone else bought into the capsule movement? Anything on your shopping list you want to share? I'd love to hear about it!

Oh! A last bit of summer capsule accountability :)


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