The one where I give a sneak peek into my fall capsule

Houston has been hot. Well, not today. Today's been nice. I mean, I wore a cardigan because it was 77 degrees when I dropped Little S off at Mother's Day Out. But overall this summer has been crazy hot + humid.

How am I supposed to be planning for my Fall capsule?

This summer heat has been so intense that I feel like cool + breezy fall weather is a dream. Something I only imagine exists. Maybe if I burn enough pumpkin spice candles it will come. Maybe?

Since I doubt I'll be wearing any kind of sweater until, you know, January, I've been giving a lot of thought into how I plan on transitioning into my fall capsule.

I finally landed on this conclusion. After Labor Day I'll say 'see you later' to my summery colors, but keep the neutrals. I'll slowly transition in some of my fall pieces as needed (based on temperature) and will follow a "one in - one out" formula. I've also planned on used a whole-lotta layers because I am a huge wimp the second it gets to be lower than 80 degrees that will help with H-town's very gradual (and often unpredictable/erratic) summer-to-fall transition.

So here is a little teaser into my fall capsule:

I'm super into the neutrals for this season, can you tell? *insert winky face emoticon here*

Jacket- This was my first purchase for this capsule. I'm hoping it will make me look a combination of hip + put together while hiding all of the snack crumbs on my t-shirt. Wishful thinking much?

Scarf- I still haven't purchased this because I have a similar one I'm thinking might work. What do you think?

Boots- These are a couple years old and were forgotten about until my recent closet cleanout. SO HAPPY to have rediscovered them!

Tote- I found the Free People version of Madewell's Transport Tote and was so excited. They don't have the exact one on their website, but I've linked you to this super-budget friendly version (which might even be a closer match than the one that I have).

Tee- Because #momlife and please note I'll be wearing this erryday.

Wedge Booties- I bought these last spring and they were so a favorite and super comfy. Total win for my #momstyle.

Also, here's my roundup of outfit selfies from the past few weeks. Don't worry, I'm working on a cure for my self portrait issues for future capsule outfit posts.


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